HOT DESIGN is a Hong Kong based advertising company, we have assembled a team of talents and we are advertising expertises and professional qualification in marketing strategy. For each task, we process and follow up the job by our design team independently.

We having worked with diversified businesses like food & beverage, fashion, clinic, surveyors, fitness & beauty, education and property etc. Our tasks are not just providing a professional and high quality design solutions, we also care on the positioning, corporate identity and branding of your business in the marketplace on creative works. We tailor-make design and deliver effective solutions around you needs, unlike the companies that provide "instant design" or "ready-to-use template" that without brand value.

High Quality Advertisement Enhance Brand Image

The advertising design information and impression can reflect your target audience, service, principle, image and positioning on your business in the marketplace.

The high quality and creative advertisement would be accurately represent your message and make a memorable impression on customers. Furthermore, they can enhance the brand image and motivate a sales force on your business.

Advertisement is a tool for communicate and deliver message to customers. They should do more than just bring in customers, they should bring you in more profitable customers.

Accurately Establish Your Brand

To establish a successful branding, HOT DESIGN provides professional and high quality design solutions include brand building, brand revamp, corporate identity design, logo design, web design, press media, online & outdoor advertisement, leaflet & booklet design, packing design, production, photographic and one-stop relative services. We are passionate about assisting your business in achieving a distinctive design look and feel.

Our Mission

An unique advertisement that is useful for your target audience and that will advance your branding strategy and marketing goals. HOT DESIGN accurately establish your brand and "We Make Your Brand be Hot".